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Housing Authority Lease Agreement

the mandatory minimum duration is one year; However, the landlord and tenant can agree on a longer lease. This lease begins on the date indicated in Part I, Section I, of the lease agreement. The term is one year and is automatically renewed for an additional year, unless terminated in accordance with this lease, under the law or the Approval and Renewal Guidelines (ACOP) of the PAH. The parties agree and acknowledge that the ACOP, the manual and the guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors, adopted from time to time, are included therein and that they are part of it several times by reference as integral parts of the lease agreement. A copy of the policies adopted by ACOP and the Board will be posted at the PAH office at 2330 Ohio Street, Paducah, KY 42003 and on the website ( A copy of the ACOP and the Guidelines may be provided upon request at the expense of the person requesting it, as provided for in the rental agreement. With the exception of the notification of rent adjustment provided for in Section 9, no other amendments may be made unless they are signed and dated in writing by both parties. A copy of this communication is either sent, sent to each resident, or chosen from the PAH office. This rental agreement (referred to as “lease”) is concluded between the Paducah Housing Authority, referred to as “PAH” or “Authority”, and the person(s) mentioned in Part I of this Rental Agreement, hereinafter referred to as “resident”. Renting a common dwelling means renting a separate room in an apartment or building with common amenities such as the kitchen and bathroom. The resident shall designate an adult as the guardian of the occupant responsible for the removal of the occupant`s personal property in the event of the death or incapacity of a single resident, or if this agreement is denounced by the PAH and the resident is not available elsewhere.

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