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Vanguard 403(B)(7) Salary Reduction Agreement

If you are interested in voluntary contributions by salary reduction, please contact your designated aiARC coordinator so that your coordinator can calculate the maximum allowable amount you can make for the calendar year to ensure that you do not exceed the limit. Your centre will inject its employer amount monthly under the pension sponsorship contract with AIARC. Please contact your HR Staff Centre for the contribution form. Please note that as a U.S. taxpayer, there are restrictions on the amount of voluntary and aggregate contributions that can be made by the worker and employer. Please note the current annual limits for deferrals and maximum annual contributions published by the Internal Revenue Service. If you are interested in voluntary contributions, please contact your centre`s AIARC coordinator to help you calculate your maximum amount allowed. Please note that you will be advised by your centre if you are allowed to join the plan. If you are eligible, you will receive the U.S. Retirement Enrollment Plan form, which allows you to select your investment decisions, authorize the diversion of voluntary contributions from your salary, and designate beneficiaries in the event of death. Voluntary contributions: If your centre makes monthly employer contributions on your behalf, you can also make voluntary contributions.

Your monthly contribution should not exceed your monthly net salary, but the Internal Revenue Service also sets annual limits for voluntary and total contributions. You can only make these contributions by monthly deduction of your monthly salary. To begin with voluntary reductions, modify or stop them, please complete the section 403 (b) salary reduction agreement form for U.S. taxpayers and refer it to your designated aiarc coordinator. How much do you contribute? Centre contributions: Your centre will contribute a monthly sum based on the centre`s retirement formula in the sponsorship contract with AIARC.

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