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Digital Content License Agreement Template

Digital content cannot be used in any project that (a) promotes or indicates types of hateful hate harassment (. (b) for example, racial, political, ethnic, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual or personal, etc.) or (b) pornographic material, sexually explicit material containing minors or other x-rated adult content. “Digital content” – the (s) product (s), music and any other digital material that may be allowed on the site. Digital content does not contain product tutorials, advertising videos accessible via the site, or the “Lens Distortions” mobile application, governed by a separate agreement. 18.1 This agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and replaces all prior written or written agreements, commitments or agreements. In addition, this agreement can only be amended, amended or amended by a written agreement signed by both parties. You recognize and accept that Lens Distortions is and remains the owner of all rights, titles and interests of digital content, including and without limitation of all copyrights. Digital content is confidential and is owned by Lens Distortions and is subject to U.S. and international copyright law.

They agree to make good faith efforts to control the use and disclosure of digital content. Any license acquired under this contract is not exclusive and Lens Distortions reserves the right to sell licenses for digital content to third parties at its sole discretion. You can only use digital content to promote your authorized use of such ads, as described in this Agreement. Any other use of digital content is expressly prohibited. Content license grant. The seller grants the Customer a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded and free license for the use, distribution, display and transfer of the individual A license, but the licensee reserves the right to use, distribute, display and transfer the IP. Therefore, although the donor does not grant additional licenses, the licensee can continue to use the IP address and all previous licenses may remain in effect. This license applies to members of our Elite membership. You can also update individual product or music purchases on the Elite license for a fee.

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