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Ad Police The User Did Not Sign The Service Agreement

If the buyer has another vehicle with an expired registration, it is not allowed for the service. The buyer also receives an SMS indicating that it is registered. The portal gives you access to the services provided by our selected partners (the “Partner Services”). The types of partner services may change over time and we have no guarantees for the types of partner services that will be available on the portal. Our role on the portal is only to act as a mediator for partner services. For people whose road fines are recorded on their vehicles whose property is to be transferred, fines must be paid so that they can benefit from the provision of services. Abu Dhabi police have asked vehicle owners and drivers to hurry to benefit from the grace period for the reduction of fines, which ends on 22 June. Payment is possible via digital platforms on the website and a smart application. Abu Dhabi police have given drivers three ways to benefit from the reduction in fines. The first allows for a reduction in all fines imposed before December 22, 2019 and this option will expire on June 22, 2020. The second option allows for a 35 per cent reduction in fines that will be paid within 60 days of the date of registration. While the third option allows for a 25% reduction, it will continue until 22 December 2020.

Police announced in early December 2019 a discount on road penalties registered in the emirate before 22 December 2019, 50 per cent with cancellation of penalties for cars and blackheads during the same period. Police say the decision excludes dangerous injuries. The Abu Dhabi police stressed their continued interest in encouraging members of society to comply with laws and regulations, reduce their burden and allow them to regulate their legal status and reduce traffic offences. The road penalty payment service is available via bank credit cards via digital platforms such as the Abu Dhabi police website and the smartphone app. Fines can also be paid in installments for a one-year interest-free period from first Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Mashreq Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank. Stress-free service should make it easier for drivers and vehicle owners to pay their fines in installments. This helps promote customer happiness and positive values. Abu Dhabi police are also working on agreements with other banks operating in the country to provide this service.

However, if motorists wish to transfer or modify the license plate, they must follow known procedures and return the license plate to the nearest service centre before paying the fee.

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